Real estate gets a new forum for exchanging ideas
March 30, 2017 Morris A. Davis

The Rutgers Center for Real Estate is excited to unveil a new blog that showcases how we are leveraging new technology to expose great ideas, stimulate conversations and provide insights on current topics that are important to our students, our Advisory Board and Emerging Leaders industry partners, and the community at large.  The blog embodies the core values of the Rutgers Center for Real Estate:  EducatingResearching and Exchanging.  Blog posts educate our students, the industry and the community at large by disseminating and exchanging the thoughts, opinions and research of the scholars and affiliates of the Rutgers Center for Real Estate.  By continually pursuing excellence in these three areas, the Rutgers Center for Real Estate is on path to fulfill its mission of being the global leader in real estate education.

I intend to blog from time to time, but to start much of the blog’s content will come from affiliates of the Rutgers Center for Real Estate, Julia Coronado and Stephen Malpezzi.  Julia is one of the country’s leading commentators on monetary policy and other macroeconomic issues and many readers might be familiar with her weekly commentary on NPR Marketplace and other national media outlets.  Steve Malpezzi is a noted urban economist who is focused on real estate and urban development issues.  Julia will jump start the new blog by writing about what financial markets are not telling us about the economy and real estate and Steve will follow-up by writing about housing affordability in New Jersey, the region, and the nation.  After that, Julia and Steve will alternate weekly.

Want to dash off an urgent note or comment to our bloggers? Just send an email to [email protected] or fill out the comments box on the blog landing page. We welcome all comments and questions and, if the urge overwhelms you, even some cat videos.

Blog on,

Morris A. Davis, Ph. D.
Paul V. Profeta Chair of Real Estate and Professor of Finance and Economics
Academic Director, Rutgers Center for Real Estate
Rutgers Business School

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