Seismic structural shifts challenge the forecasters Thursday, September 20 Julia Coronado While most analysts are pondering the lessons learned from the global financial crisis, we and other researchers have been grappling with seismic structural shifts in the macroeconomy. These changes pose a number of puzzles, and how we square these circles has implications for businesses, households, investors and policymakers. More...
Recent developments in New Jersey’s housing market Thursday, September 6 Michel Eckersley While housing prices have recovered and even begun surging in the decade since the market collapse, individual homeownership is below pre-recession levels. What is driving this development? One possible answer: Institutional investors, including limited liability companies, REITs and other financial entities, which have doubled their share of housing purchases. More...
The economy is booming, but it’s not contributing. How come? Thursday, August 23 Julia Coronado Residential investment has been absent in GDP growth despite otherwise stellar performance. Even in a hiring boom, shifting cultural attitudes and underlying economic anxieties among Millennials point to persistently slower household formation. The sector isn’t declining, but its days of driving GDP likely are behind us. More...
The region’s suburbs may be entering a new phase of competitive growth Thursday, August 9 James W. Hughes The suburban real estate development that propelled New Jersey’s economy for a half-century seemingly has lost its mojo. But our latest Rutgers Regional Report, “The ‘Burbs’ Bounce Back,” suggests that growth may be restarting in the region, sloughing off the extended malaise that characterized the sector for most of the post-recession period. More...
Despite recent pressure, the Fed chairman is likely to stay the course Thursday, July 26 Julia Coronado Plans to gradually raise interest rates may offset some of the stimulus in the near-term – triggering President Trump’s ire with the Fed and chairman Jerome Powell – but steady, independent monetary policy also safeguards long-run economic stability. And the Fed is still an institution protected by checks and balances. More...
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